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Who is BMS World Mission?

Introduce your church to the work of BMS and why it is we do what we do with a handy explainer video, an A4 poster for your noticeboard and our easy-to-use logos to add to any presentation slides.

Who we are video, A4 poster, BMS logos

Included in this bundle

BMS– full colour block

Standard BMS logo, full colour version.

BMS logo - black on white

Standard BMS logo, black on white background.

Video Downloads

Who we are video

Do you need to explain BMS World Mission in under two minutes? Our Who We Are video will do the job perfectly! As we look to the future of mission we captured the voices, clips and images from many of the countries where we work to tell the story of why we do what we do. This video can be downloaded or streamed copyright free in your live or recorded church service or event.

Order printed resources

Heart Hope Help A4 poster

This reversible A4 poster showcasing powerful imagery from across the countries where BMS World Mission works will brighten up your church noticeboard and give your church a real sense of who they are supporting.